Introduce to MiniProgram(1.WeChat)

the developer guide of wechat miniprogram

As far as I know , The concept MiniProgram is widely use. But this series focus on Wechat MiniProgram & TikTok MicroApp.

The advances of MiniProgram:

  1. no need to download App and delete the app
  2. ultra fast download and launch time
  3. the miniprogram do not disturbe you life (limited to notify)
  4. Huge amount of user use WeChat and TikTok

If you like , Scan the MiniProgram Code below

The WeChat official devlopment demo

When I first heart MiniProgram, I think , Oh my god, One more thing i have to learn and develop 🙂 . When i actually jump in and try to develop something. It is like the mix of vuejs and other framework.If you have develop HTML/JS/CSS you will very familia with it.

Next post I will Talk about the TikTok MicroApp and how to get started to develop a miniProgram 🙂

If you want to learn WeChat in its entirety . Try the book show below 🙂

Postwoman & Setup you own postwoman-server

for more detail

postwoman ,the opensource alternative of Postman.Instead of installing app in our system,We can use API test in browser (even use PWA!).

But one question is postwoman server is . Many people care about the security of data. Fortunately postwoman provide the postwoman-proxy.

Easily run

$ git clone
$ cd postwoman-proxy
$ go build server.go

Then you run the server file and set the proxy URL to localhost:[port]. All done! We can use postwoman with docker and the postwoman-proxy in dev team.No need to install postman app 🙂

In my opinion, postman is more powerful . But If you like opensource . Try postwoman!

Use Intel Optane to speed up you computer !

Hello everyone,Today we talk about an other topic.How to speed up you system with less money.Fine,Cause im poor. 🙂

My computer is

  • CPU: i3 530
  • Mother Board: No Name Brand H55
  • RAM: 2+4G DDR3
  • HDD: Seagate 1TB
  • Operating System: Windows 10

Without SSD,the system is too slow to me .But i want accelerate the system and not to use SSD.

Finally , I bought

  • second hand Intel Optane 16GB
  • PCIEX4 to M.2 switch card

You can buy above item in Amazon 🙂

The chipset H55 doesn`t support NVME protocol.So I cannot use optane on system startup.I found the OpenCAS ,This software like Primo Cache.They treat the optane or any other faster device as the HDD cache.

The OpenCAS no need to reinstall the system!

To be honest,the Optane speed up my system slightly . The win10 system eat more Hdd (read and write not space).And My system bottleneck is cpu.However, It is a good choice.If you want speedup Obviously .Buy a SSD! 🙂