Introduce to MiniProgram(1.WeChat)

the developer guide of wechat miniprogram

As far as I know , The concept MiniProgram is widely use. But this series focus on Wechat MiniProgram & TikTok MicroApp.

The advances of MiniProgram:

  1. no need to download App and delete the app
  2. ultra fast download and launch time
  3. the miniprogram do not disturbe you life (limited to notify)
  4. Huge amount of user use WeChat and TikTok

If you like , Scan the MiniProgram Code below

The WeChat official devlopment demo

When I first heart MiniProgram, I think , Oh my god, One more thing i have to learn and develop 🙂 . When i actually jump in and try to develop something. It is like the mix of vuejs and other framework.If you have develop HTML/JS/CSS you will very familia with it.

Next post I will Talk about the TikTok MicroApp and how to get started to develop a miniProgram 🙂

If you want to learn WeChat in its entirety . Try the book show below 🙂

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