Run gost in kcp mode to acelerate the access to website

# run on server
$ ./gost -L=kcp://:8099

# run on client
$ ./gost -L=:8080 -F=kcp://[server ip]:8099

# you can set the client command above to run on system startup

for more detail you can visit the website above to learn more about gost and kcp protocal

Compile gost with mipsel support

I have a ASUS AC1200GU router,And I use gost to proxy my web trafic.But i have a startup script in my win7.When i boot the system,the system will run the script and start an gost instance to proxy my web trafic to server.

The question is , in my computer , i have many OS (win7,win10,ubuntu etc.) and in my home i have many mobile phone,pads and laptop.I never though i want setup a startup script in my mobile phone , laptop. 🙂

The best solution is run the gost client in low power consumtion device such as Raspberry pi , routers and so on.So i must compile gost in ARM or mipsle architecture.In my case ,my router is mipsel-linux-gnu-gcc-8 -march=1004Kc

$ git clone
$ cd gost/cmd/gost
$ GOOS=linux GOARCH=mipsle go build

# and the bin gost will place in gost/cmd/gost folder
# in other country the golang package manager network connection may unstable
# you can use the command below to accelerate

$ export GOPROXY=

the github link to gost