download GoProxy via vultr vps startup and open a socks proxy

As we know , Goproxy just release the latest version on github and delete the old releases. And more , the goproxy will check update at the proxy program startup.

Try to image , you vps reboot , you have to download the latest goproxy and run a socks proxy, And you must use shell script on vps bootup!

Here is the shell script . The script visit the goproxy github repository and get the latest linux version download link.Then download the goproxy ,extract it and run it.


url=$(curl -sb -H "Accept: application/json" | grep browser_download_url | grep linux-amd64 | awk -F '"browser_download_url":' '{print $2}' | sed 's/\"//g' );

wget $url

tar -xvf proxy-linux-amd64.tar.gz

echo '' > blocked

./proxy socks -t tcp -p "" -a "[username]:[password]" &

Well, you just need to replace [username] and [password] with you content! Then you paste in the vultr startup script.That`s all!

the goproxy github repository